How you are judged, looked at and talked about doesn’t define who and what you are. 

You are the only you. 

You are the one that can dictate not only what happens to you but how you react it. 

Think about what you want in life and start writing about it.  Make a path on paper that has you on one end and your goal on the other.  Write down everything that you think can stop you from that goal.  Then write out how you will pass through each obstacle.  One by one.

Love your friends.  Nurture relationships that are worth it.  Let go of those that aren’t. We all have those we don’t need. And we all are better without them.  Sincerely. Those that want to be there will prove it everyday.

If you need help, ask.  Rely on willing shoulders.

If music makes the inside light up, keep the stereo on.  Especially when it feels rather dark.

Don’t get discouraged at how life can knock you down to the ground.  Don’t let circumstances dictate your endurance.  When life is good, be humble.  When it kicks your ass, fight back.  Claw, scratch, kick.  You can’t get what you want when you are defeated.  Defeat what keeps you down.  Keep walking straight ahead.

Find what makes you happy.  If you aren’t doing that, chances are everyone around you knows it.  And it bums them out too.

If you want it take it.  If you don’t, do not whine that you didn’t get it.

The quicker you get in becoming your original self, the easier living that life will be.  Things start to make sense and fall into place.

Bottom line:  Own your originality.  Give a damn.


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