This is my last attempt at writing about my life which is rather boring so you can imagine the uphill climb this is for me. I’m recently married to the coolest chick around and we were blessed with our bundle of preemie joy a few months ago. She is literally changing our lives. I dabble in graphic design, doing an occasional logo or t-shirt every now and then. I’ve also been told I should go back to school to pursue a counseling degree. I’m not sure if they were making fun of me or not.

I’ve been doing this blogging thing for several years now. I have made many friends through blogging. Some that have come and go and a select few I even hold extremely close. This blogging thing, is a pretty cool and crazy thing. Yeah okay, there are complete weirdos out there that only want you to mail them some of your hair, but I try and weed them out. So far, no one wants my hair.


I have Twitter but I’m the worst at it. @jerrodkc

I also do Facebook. I’m better at that than Twitter but that’s not saying much.

You can also email my gmail. Ahh, rhyming. 


2 thoughts on “About

    • That is beyond amazing. And from what I know and all the gut feeling in the world, it’s something you will rock at. Keep me posted on the journey. I’m pretty proud of you.

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