Just Before Four

The very best part about a family of three is hearing the little one talk to herself in her room. The little sounds she makes in a language only she understands is what makes early Saturday mornings somewhat epic. 


We are just a few weeks away from making this house a foursome and today I started thinking at how much I will miss just the three of us. Don’t get me wrong, this little addition coming soon is and will be perfect. But the three of us, well it was something special. Maybe it was her early arrival that made our bond unique. It’s tough to come out of that situation relatively unscathed. But we did with the most loving and determined little girl we could have ever dreamed for.  I’m currently dealing with putting her to bed with the sweetest “bye daddy” you’ll ever hear. 

I still look at her sometimes and can’t believe she’s already two. She’s had our complete attention for two straight years now. We’ve had discussions about how you even devote more time to another kid because you really don’t want to take any of the attention away from the number one. We still aren’t sure how to do that. Chances are it will just work itself out. Isn’t that how most things go?

This little boy has no idea what he is in for in regards to his older sibling. Of course we have hopes and dreams of her completely in love and they grow up hand in hand best friends. She could also really prefer this family of three concept and we might stumble across the laundry room with baby brother in the dryer. It’s a coin flip. 

I can’t wait to meet my little boy with a million reasons why. But with the few weeks we have left, I’m going to dive into what we have right now. This perfect family of three. And at the right time, we will get to make it just a bit perfect-er. 



3 thoughts on “Just Before Four

  1. What a beautiful family you have with wonderful times to come. The new addition will change your life so much you won’t even know how you lived before without him. I can’t wait to see it all unfold.

  2. Of course it will work out. Sometimes working out looks like parents hiding in the closet eating peanut butter pretzels while the kids cry about not wanting to share the toy that neither of them really likes. Once or twice it looks like spontaneous sibling hugs. That’s basically the gig: utter, unimaginable chaos with a few cheerios and some slobbery affection.

  3. Include her in baby things and don’t make her feel like she will break him. That is the key. Babies are built for getting siblings and she will still be special. You’ll see. It will be like rain into a river.

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