First Chapter

From the beginning, I didn’t like you that much. We seemed to butt heads quite a few times. Now don’t get me wrong, you have some positives. Some good spots.

I met you right before I met my future wife on the porch. You gave me your best impression as we watched Flight of the Navigator after our first date at the fair.

You were there when I told her that I loved her for the first time.

You got the unfortunate viewing pleasure as I stumbled around on one knee asking her to be my wife.

You held strong as we struggled through our last few days with Bailey.

You kept the fireplace perfect when it was cold and allowed us to open the windows during the heat of summer.

You heard a lot of laughter. A few discussions, but a lot of laughter.

Then you did something that only you could do. You braced us as we brought our then 4 pound miracle home. For good.

From the beginning I knew you weren’t going to be our forever home, which is okay. We needed more room and you’re just not built that way. But you were the first to guide our family in the right direction. You allowed us the opportunity to take that next step. We even found a family that will be perfect for you. They have a six month old son to take over the nursery we so carefully built. You will now be their place they will trust their memories with. To keep them safe in. To let them laugh and cry in. You get to hear their secrets, struggles and dreams. You get to be their home.

I didn’t think I’d become attached to you, I really didn’t. But in our final few weeks with you, I’m being reminded of the great place you were to us. Life is about turning chapters. You were our very perfect first chapter.

I didn’t like you that much. Now I think I’ll miss you the most.


One thought on “First Chapter

  1. Isn’t it weird once you’ve brought a baby into a house, it’s instantly a home. So many memories inside those walls. Here’s to the next chapter. (P.S. I’m glad to see you are writing again!)

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