Dear Baby Girl

The talk has already started about the day your mom and I will get to use this whole experience against you. There’s been talk of “sending you back to the isolette” when you’re bad. And how we never missed a day while you were in the NICU. I think that one will be saved for when you think you’re too old to hold my hand.

Actually, the more I think about what I can use against you when you’re older, the more I smile because then I’ll know you will have made it through this uncertain time. That fills my heart and soul to the top.

We can’t wait to take you home. You will be absolutely adored and not just by us. You will gain two furry things just waiting to get their paws on you. My guess is that Lyla will become your amazing protector. Millie will be your partner in crime but will always leave the scene of that crime to let you take the fall. Watch out for that.

I keep wrestling with the fact that you were early and not ready, yet you keep showing me daily just how ready you really are. This was exactly the time that was placed upon you to arrive in this world. You continue to calm my fears. You show your spirit every single day. My favorite days are those where we find out how feisty you had been. It’s amazing after 5 weeks just how much strength and determination you’ve already shown us.

You’re already the fighter I’ve always wanted to be.

We will be putting you in the car soon and taking you to your new home with your own room. Just promise me that you will keep the projectile everything to a minimum. Or save it for your mom. Our little secret, okay?

I love you my sweet little fighter. You’ve already changed my life toward a direction I never thought was possible. I can’t wait to see and experience what you have in store for us. I’m blessed beyond everything for the opportunity to become your dad.

*thank you to all that read this short glimpse into our lives. We have been blessed with amazing families and fantastic friends who love us and our daughter. We would be in a very different place without all of you.


5 thoughts on “Dear Baby Girl

  1. Stop making me cry!!!! I’m sitting right smack in the middle of Miami traffic with swollen eyes and sniffles. You guys are wonderful. What a journey!!!! Xxxoooooo

  2. How incredibly special this is… now and when you read it again in the future when this whole experience is but a memory. And I know it doesn’t feel like it now, but soon enough, it will be just that… a memory. One in which you struggle to remember the details. When the alarms/alerts have faded, the names of those NICU angles are hard to recall, and you no longer live in fear of the unknown. It will come. And that day will be glorious. But one thing is certain; you will NEVER forgot how special your girl is. Ever.

    I love you three very much and am so very thankful this chapter is well on its way to the most incredible ending.

  3. These are words from the heart and soul of a dad. Sending you and your sweet family blessing from across the country. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. I’m looking forward to reading the Iley Chronicles as she continues to grow and reach new hieghts.

    Take care friend!!

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