2012 Recap. Yes I Know It’s March

I just realized that I never did a 2012 recap. I think you can’t call yourself a blogger if you don’t recap each year. I think it’s in the handbook somewhere. Good thing I’m barely a writer. I think I can get away with it on some sort of “who are you?” technicality.

Obscurity for the win.

In January I don’t think I did much of anything. Sat a job that I absolutely hated. Probably watched some TV.  This post is starting out amazing.

In February I was rushed to the emergency room for an erupted gall bladder. The doctor said he had never seen anything like it. He said it was like an overstuffed pouch of marbles. Or gallstones. Marbles sounds better. Or it kind of doesn’t. Fact is that I had to spend my first Valentine’s day with my future wife sitting back in a recliner while I try to impress her with my conversation skills since watching anything funny on TV made me laugh which made my stomach and stitches really mad at me.

In April I did some proposing. Long story short, she said yes and it all worked out.

In May we went to Portland to visit friends and I got to see my first MLS game but not before watching one of our friends obliterate his Achilles tendon from skipping across the street. Complete rupture. From skipping. I doubt he has ever told the truth about that to anyone.

In June we went to Dallas for her birthday and saw Chris Martin and the gang sing some songs. We also endured the night that I didn’t introduce her to one of my friends and the ensuing dinner was über awkward for everyone sitting at the table. We eventually got married so she got over it.

In July we went with some friends to Destin, Florida for my birthday week. Yes. I get a week and let me tell you, a week at the beach will cure anything you might be going through. Moonshine will make sure of that.

In August we went to New York with my family. The absolute best day was when we took our last full day and just went off by ourselves and walked 760 miles. I simply loved being with her.

In October we got married. I’ve previously posted about this so I will just say that everything was at the perfect time, in the perfect place. Just how we intended it to be.

In November we slept.  All month.  Seriously.

In December we had our first Christmas and thought it would be a good idea to start a tradition on Christmas Eve and bring out the mattress into the living room by the fire and watch Christmas movies and sleep until morning. Don’t do this with two labs. They won’t know what to think and will only want to sleep on top of you.

Bam. My whole year adequately explained. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.


4 thoughts on “2012 Recap. Yes I Know It’s March

  1. I like it that you brought the mattress into the livingroom, even if two dogs clambered all over you. I think you should continue it.


    I’ve missed your blog posts, Mr.

  2. Maybe this is the Matrix and none of us are really bloggers. Also…how did I not see this until 2 days after it was posted? Feed gremlins. They make-a-me so angry. I don’t know why I needed a Luigi accent for that. I’m kinda sleepy.

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