A Favor

Sometimes you feel the need to ask someone else to write something. If nothing else but to become inspired yet again.

I messed up. A few months back, I was asked to participate in a blog relay. We were to write about the word hope in whatever way we wanted to. I did that. And as instructed, I also invited three other friends to do that. And they did. They did amazing jobs. Here is where I messed up.

I forgot one friend.

If I were to think of the word hope, it’s easy to think of this person and make a connection. I’ve read this person for a good while now and let me tell you, she is one of the best ones out there.

I know this is kind of after the fact and not in line with the whole relay, which again, my fault. I hope she will take this task and run with it. I can totally see this person helping a lot of her readers who may be struggling with something. Whatever it may be.

Alycia, I hope you will take this challenge at some point in the future and make it your own.


Only she would respond in record time.



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