Give A Damn

I read a post about a couple months ago by a blogging friend. We’ve never met, mostly because there’s this thing called the Atlantic Ocean in between us, but it’s like I know her. I absolutely adore this woman and admire how she has built a relationship with the word change.  Basically taking the fear out of change and succeeding.  After I read this post, I was in awe. I shared how awesome her thoughts were in the comments of her post. I decided to do something with that word in my own life. I wanted this passion that she had found. Making conscious decisions to push through whatever I needed to get through.

Then I let it go.

And it wasn’t the first time to let it go. I’ve had many stops in my life to make a change, only believing in my intentions and not my commitment. I’ve realized that she figured it out for me. Fear can keep you at a place where you are safe and protected… and as unproductive as you possibly can imagine.

This can be used in many situations. Change in your job, your relationships, your self-worth. Change is good for all things. It is what keeps us living. Or maybe it keeps us from dying.

One great thing about Liz for those that haven’t had a chance to read her is that she has fallen in love with running. She found her oxygen with running. I won’t go into all the reasons she has shared with her readers as to why running is so important and all the benefits it has given her.

Really, go read her.

I’m looking at change for many parts of my life but for this post, I’m taking her lead and choosing change for my health. It has forced me to come to terms with where I’m at. Now let me say this: In no way should I be in front of camera with someone yelling at me that it’s my last chance workout. I’m not in such bad shape that I need any outside help whatsoever. I simply need to get to the gym. I need to add some broccoli to my plate. There are even reasons beyond the getting in better shape variety are starting to become more and more relevant. I simply don’t feel well. Blood pressure at scary levels and all that crap. Lethargic as all get out. Deciding to always catch up on the DVR instead of GOING OUTSIDE. Just feeling like I’m living in some sort of shell, however nice and soothing the shell may be at times. It’s still not allowing me to live.

I simply need to give a damn.

If 2012 was any indication, this new year that starts tomorrow holds amazing things if I search them out. And my blogging friend hits it right on the head: “Fear is an asshole.”

Here’s to an epic battle.


6 thoughts on “Give A Damn

  1. I was talking with my husband in regards to my health recently and more importantly how it plays a role in a goal we are both working towards… Starting our family. I’ve struggled with weight/health/body image for most of my adult life. I asked (to myself with my husband as my witness) “When is it finally going to be important enough for me to do something about it?” In the silence that followed and that great way your spouse alone can communicate with you I found my answer. Now.

    Cheers friend. To CHANGE.

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