October 20, 2012

So I got married.

What took six months of planning and waiting seemed to be over in 26 seconds. I still try and remember what all was said and how it all unfolded bit by bit and seem to fail every time. I will share some thoughts from that Saturday that are sort of flashes in my mind.

– Feeling okay ten minutes before the ceremony. Still calm. Somewhat cool. Pretty collected.

– Being terrified standing there that once I started my vows, I would lose it. It became my turn and I   composed myself long enough to finish them and to let out a big sigh of relief afterwards.

– My grandmother dancing at the reception. My 92 year old grandmother.

– The heartfelt toasts we received.

– How she told me before the wedding that the cake goes into her mouth and not on her face and that she would physically hurt me if I tried anything…as I placed the piece of cake ever so gently in her mouth.

– The first dance. Our first official deep breath of realization that it was in fact, real.

– Watching her light up as friends and family took turns hugging and chatting with us.

– Being pulled every single direction during that reception. From what I was told, that’s normal.

I do however remember one thing about that day that’s crystal clear. And that would be the moment around 1:15 pm that Saturday, about 15 minutes into the ceremony. I remember seeing the doors open and watching her smile. I remember her walking down that aisle. A good friend told me if nothing else, remember that walk and seeing her for the first time. They said I would not forget it.

I’m hopeful that the video we invested in (and will hopefully be put up here shortly) will show just how awesome that day was. But I’m positive that I will never forget how beautiful she looked or how happy she was making me during that short walk towards me. I will never forget that moment. It’s the moment I really saw my wife for the first time and knew that everything in my life had brought me to that particular moment to join that particular person.

I simply couldn’t keep the smile off my face.


10 thoughts on “October 20, 2012

  1. It’s EXACTLY the same for me! I remember flashes, bits and pieces… But most of my wedding day feels like a huge blur. Except, of course, for the walk. It’s like I was drugged or something. I think for men a part of our brain goes into autopilot so we can’t fully process and become overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the step we’re taking…

    Or they drug us…

  2. That was really quite beautiful – I’m so super happy for you both! I will tell you (at least from my experience) that her unforgettable moment will most likely be that big ol’ smile on your face as she walks…

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