The final post in this 3 post series. Present represents the things that are here right now that might be missing or just out of my grasp. The things that are important to me. Things that might be lost that I need to reclaim. Here are just a few that come to mind:

– Remembering how far you can come in just one years time. A new path being laid right in front of you before you have time to really blink.

– Holding on to friendships that have a hand trying to hold back. Letting go of those that already let go.

– Making memories with the moments that are leading up to the wedding and not just focusing on the actual ceremony.

– Write. When I want to and when I don’t. Write.

Living in the present can be a difficult thing. Shockingly, holding on to the past and fearing the future can be easier.

Learning to appreciate your present can help heal your past and enrich your future.

You just have to periodically shut the world out and reconnect with your purpose, which is pretty much the same for everyone:  Make the moment that’s in front of you better than the one before and if you can’t, keep trying until you do.

And repeat as needed.




11 thoughts on “Present

  1. This post needs more glitter.

    Letting go of friendships is one thing I’ve gotten very good at in my old age. Too good at, probably. I need to learn to valuate people at what they’re worth and not automatically assume I’m better off without them. Sometimes I’m not.

  2. Letting go of friendships is something I struggle with tremendously. Just yesterday I was going through my contact list on my phone and wondering why I kept all these people and feeling like if I deleted some then karma would make something bad happen…

  3. I have been stru-u-u-uggling with being present. It’s a fight every day, and I think I’m making it harder than it should be. “…holding on to the past and fearing the future can be easier.” So easy that I’ve got mad skillz (with a z, even) with both.

  4. At the beginning of the year, I was going to take a course on learning ‘Mindfulness’.

    I didn’t.

    Because I was too busy worrying about how I would pay for the course.

    Oh, the irony.

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