Evidently, I Used To Be Pre-Med

It was just a trip to the college library. That’s all I really needed. Just a bit of studying before a test.  I didn’t get that chance. I did however receive so much more.

As I found an open table and was about to plop down with my backpack, I was cut off by this woman. A student just like me…scratch that. A very chipper student who really needed to speak with me.

Also, she thinks my name is Brad. It’s not. But why tell her that?

Girl: Brad? Is that you?!? How are you doing??? (smiling from ear to ear)

Me: Umm… (here was my shot of correcting her and going about my business…or take it the other way.) I’m good, how are you doing?

Girl: I’m great! I haven’t seen you since high school! What’s been going on?

Me: Oh, nothing much. Just thought I would get some studying done before a test I have in an hour.

Girl: Oh yeah? I still can’t believe I ran into you.  Are you still Pre-Med?

Me: Umm…sadly no. I felt I wasn’t passionate enough about it, so I changed majors.

Girl: Oh…to what?

Me: Graphic Art. Yeah, I have a test in Art History that is killing me. Memorizing artists from the 1600’s isn’t the most thrilling thing, you know?

Girl: Umm…yeah. I can’t believe you switched majors. What did Britney (I assume it was spelled that way, I know I could have picked many different annoying versions and I’m also assuming that Britney was my girlfriend or wife at the time) think about that?

Me: Well, it was my choice. She seems to be supportive of my decision.

Girl: …well, that’s good. It’s good that she supports you. So what else have you been up to? Do you still go out on the weekends?

Me: Not really. I pretty much gave up drinking all together. Too much drama for me. (Then I took a chance) What about you? You still get lit on the weekends?

Girl: Well, yeah…no, not really. I mean, within reason. You know the gang.

Me: Yeah, I know them.


Girl: Well it was great running into you! Good luck on that test and tell Britney I said hi!

Me: Okay, you do the same!


(I always wonder how their next meeting turned out.)



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