How We Saved Our Date

This is my very first “how-to” post of sorts. The subject? Save The Date cards. We (I) decided that one way to not waste money was to do whatever we can ourselves. The main reason I wanted to create it was because I didn’t want your standard looking card. I didn’t want the standard wording that you see time and time again.

This project went through a few drafts. It even got the point one night of deciding not to  mess with them at all. Luckily the next morning I thought about the ideas again and thought, “what if we did it this way?”. Then it all came together.

The Idea

We wanted a magnet but not your typical one. Doing a bit of research online, I found this fantastic place that did funky business cards.

Moo. They have this very cool product called MiniCards. Smaller than an average business card and the best thing is that you can upload as many different designs as you want. We settled on 5 different ones so that there would be a variety of our mugs on fridges.

We went to the local craft store and picked up some adhesive magnet sheets. Pretty simple: Place the card on the sticky side (it has to be the sticky side or you will get them stuck to your table). Grab an x-acto knife and cut around the edges.


Next was figuring out the card. We found some great cardstock at Paper Source and paired it with my home printer. I outlined the text so that we could get 4 cards per page.

This was a must. I think everything looks better with the curved edge. Besides your thumb hurting for an entire night, it’s simply worth it.

Another great pick-up. The embosser from Paper Source. We decided to invest in one since we were needing to include return addresses on these cards, formal invitations, thank you cards, etc.  Plus it can be used for future Christmas cards, party invites.

I had to blur because of course, this is in fact the Internet, but you get the idea. Classy.

Grab some double-sided tape for the magnet and you’re almost done.

Finished product.

One special detail: A sister-in-law that rocks at writing things. The good news is that she has also been hired to address our formal invites. And we get to pay her in beer. Beautiful.

There you have it. A customized and original save the date idea. Not only was it fun to design from scratch, it saved us a couple hundred bucks. Did you know weddings are expensive?


12 thoughts on “How We Saved Our Date

  1. Crazy expensive. If I had it to do over again, there are a bunch of things I’d downgrade or not do at all (I’m looking at YOU, videographer.)

    By the way, it all looks awesome. And I honestly thought the writing on the envelope was a font.

  2. I think they turned out pretty great! Everywhere I go I see the two of you on a fridge. Your instructions were clear.
    I’m saving that date and I just can’t wait! 😉

  3. Those things are straight from Adorabletown. Look at you all crafty and such! We did a bunch of stuff ourselves when we got married too, but it was much less cool. Because a) it was 1999, and b) I was 19. But—truly—none of the stuff really matters if you love the person. I’d get married in a trailer with a drunk minister and a colobus monkey as long as I was marrying Stephen. He’s kind of great.

    • I still want to see them. I know you still have one that you can snap a pic…

      And I don’t think you would get married in a trailer. Airstream, maybe.

  4. As you know (or maybe you don’t?), I am a wedding/event planner, and each wedding season, I see approximately 56 different save the date/invitations. Generally, I pretend to like them, but secretly eye-roll at the design/idea (please don’t judge me, I don’t have a high pain tolerance to cursive fonts and baby pink ribbons). Jerrod, I haven’t once seen the magnet idea. You are a creative genius, my friend. No eye rolling from me, that’s for sure.

    • Why aren’t you here planning this thing! 🙂

      I will believe that you didn’t eyeroll the idea and say thank you, my friend. I think if I did believe you eyerolled my magnets, I would sob. THEN, she would leave me because I cried. THEN I would have a bunch of eye-rolled cards out there on fridges with a non-existent wedding date on them.

      I need sleep.

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