…and then your day is made by an unexpected message from a new blog friend.

For those that write your posts just for the joy of writing and not for hits and recognition, it’s the little things that make your journey worth every post idea, every post attempt, every single backspace until you get the right word or phrase. 

Little things like finding out something you shared encouraged someone else.

In this blog world, that’s where I want to stay.


9 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Amen. Lately I’ve been totally burned out, but the only thing that keeps me checking in are those moments of connection. If you find one or two good friends, that’s really all that matters.

  2. Word. (to your mother) I keep my email on in the background whenever I’m on the computer, just in case. Sounds pathetic when I say it out loud, but all it takes is an email or a message or an @ from someone you may only know in the most vague sense of the word to remind you why you do any of this internetting nonsense in the first place.

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