Hi. I’ve been gone a bit blah blah, life happens, blah.

For the most part, I’m not a big vacation taker. Growing up, vacations consisted of my parents packing the 4 kids in a sleeping trailer of some kind and driving somewhere that we could sleep at an RV park. In the sixth grade for example,  it was 8 people in a conversion van for 26 hours straight to California. Worst. Trip. Ever. I didn’t take my first plane ride until I was around 22 years old. Crazy? Probably. I haven’t fallen in love with many vacation spots, much less places I would love to live in simply because I haven’t been to that many places. Tragic, I know. 

A few weeks ago, Courtney and I took a trip to Portland to see one of her best friends. She had moved away right when we started dating and it has been on the to-do list ever since we started getting serious. We also had decided to use her friend as our wedding photographer and did some engagement photos while up in Portland.

Here are some things I learned while in Portland.

1. Trees.  Oh my word, there are trees everywhere. Really. Everywhere.

2. Everyone has lush flowerbeds. Rain plus plants equals every house a Better Homes and Gardens ad.

3. You can’t pump your own gas. It’s weird. Something about not wanting people topping their tanks off…environment…something, something. So you get to wait 15 minutes because the gas station has two attendants and 12 cars to service.

4. The homeless people downtown are pretty nice. They aren’t all up in your pockets demanding money.

5. The food trucks would seriously make me weigh 500 pounds. So good.

6. A short drive from the Portland area to Cannon Beach is beautiful.

7. 55 MPH is the top speed on the highway. Fifty-five.

8. They have the last place MLS soccer team and if I lived there, I would get season tickets. That’s just how it is with me.

9. Seriously, with the trees.

10. It’s a totally different vibe from anything I have known. I think those are the times and places where you grow as a person.  Right?

At least I can start a “move to” list now. Maybe buy an umbrella.


11 thoughts on “Portland

  1. OK. Not to get all, “I’m a weirdo and have telepathic powers” or anything, but just yesterday I was wondering if I had somehow unsubscribed by accident or if you were still occasionally blogging. And then “poof!” Blog post. I obviously should wonder why I haven’t won the lottery yet more often and see what happens…

    Anyway, Portland. I have friends that live there and even though I’ve never been, I’m convinced I need to move there. The point is that you’ll be swinging by Michigan the next time you go so you can pick me up. Please and thank you.

    • It needs to be one everyone’s list to at least visit. You WILL fall in love with the city, but you need to at least go and visit. Give the city a chance to wow you. Feel you up a bit, know what I’m saying?

  2. My husband and I took a trip to Portland a few years back, having convinced ourselves that we needed to move there. Free public transit downtown? Check. Cool Thanksgiving dinner at the oldest restaurant in town? Check. Dark weather for people who like it that way? Check. But it didn’t feel like home. Oddly, San Diego—jammed full of sunshine and peppiness like a yapping poodle—felt like home the first day we got here. It’s fun that everywhere is different. Everywhere has a story.

    • Everything about your comment is correct. I’m sure I could make it feel like home, but I totally get what you mean. San Diego, from what I hear, is gorgeous. If you like gorgeous stuff that is.

      Stories are everywhere, my friend.

  3. Are you moving to Portland? Cool. The grass IS greener over there. Aren’t you in Arizona? Yes. Definitely greener.

    p.s. how dare you let life happen and put the blog on hold! ツ

  4. Good to see you back, boyo!

    Like Abby, I was wondering if I had somehow unsubscribed, and then started to worry you’d disappeared from the blogosphere once again.


    You’re here, all is ok in the world.

    I don’t know anything about Portland. It sounds cool. I’ll take your word for it, and add it to my ‘move to’ list, too.

    • !!!!!
      You better not unsubscribe.We are friends. Can’t back out now.

      You just need to get to the states in general. At least for a extendend vacation. I think Abby would be in favor.

      • I would NEVER intentionally unsubscibe! NEVER.

        I am thinking a Chicago/NYC/Boston marathon is on the cards at some stage, with a little Abby/Jerrod visit intertwined.

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