Setting The Stage

I had decided that after we got back from visiting her best friend in Texas, I would bring her friend in on my plan.  I didn’t want Ashley to know about it before us visiting and risk any odd behavior.  We went down to Texas for the weekend and on the patio of a wine bar, I found myself alone with her best friend.  Courtney and her Ashley’s husband went in to pay for their drinks.  I knew I was risking it but I had to tell her.

After sharing my news in a rather short and precise window of opportunity, I explained that it was happening soon, the ring has been bought and I had a plan that involved them helping with the proposal festivities.  That’s a lot for a best friend to hear in a couple of minutes and then act like nothing was happening once her husband and Courtney returned to the table.  She did fantastic.  She never revealed that she knew anything and we left McKinney with a lot of details to discuss.

The proposal was being planned around a weekend that Ashley and John were coming to town.  They had a concert, her dad’s birthday and Easter to attend and before Ashley knew about my plan, there was mention that the four of us would also find time to have dinner or something.  I needed to make that disappear.  I had to have Ashley let Courtney know that they were pressed for time and couldn’t come up when they thought, that maybe they could meet up with us for a drink at some point during the weekend.  There is a bigger plan here.

I’ll tell you one thing, even when you know of a bigger plan and that it will all be okay in the end, I just don’t like having to lie to her.  Call me old-fashioned.

With family and friends being so important to her, I wanted to make sure they were included.  The week or so before, I contacted some of her closest friends with an idea.  I let them know that Ashley and John were coming into town and I wanted to get everyone together for a dinner and surprise Courtney with that.  Funny thing is that everyone bought it excluding Ashley of course.  Everyone really thought I just wanted to throw a surprise dinner.


Saturday we were having Easter lunch with my family.  Sunday was Easter lunch with her family. Three days.  Friends, my family and her family in a nice weekend package.

The stage has been set.  Now I just have to propose.

Yeah, just propose.


5 thoughts on “Setting The Stage

  1. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    I’m scared for you (even though you’ve already done it).

    I love these stories!

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