The Ring

Trying to casually ask about ring sizes and ring style preferences is not my bag.  I’m more of the “tell me what you want and I’ll go buy it” type.  I knew that wouldn’t fly in this situation and I was okay with that.  I knew that what I was about to hopefully do in a few weeks was going to surprise her to no end.  I had to do this right.

We did have random discussion about rings every now and then.  Basically just a few ideas as to what might work but nothing that formulated into an actual ring.  I took a couple of different days to go out to the stores and search for this ring I had in my head.  All I really took from most of the stores is that they really want to sell you a ring.  Any ring.  They want you to walk about with their bag in your hand.  I don’t really work that way.  I don’t like pushy sales people and once you start in with the pitch, I’ve already tuned you out.  Try again never.

At the 5th store, I wasn’t finding anything.  Frustration was an understatement because I knew what I wanted in my head.  That ring wasn’t in any of the cases.  The owner of the small store came over and asked me about some of the characteristics I was looking for in the ring.  Very nice guy.  Not pushy or salesy.  I told him some things and he went and got a book.  Flipped a couple of pages and said, “You mean this one?”

“I can order the setting and it would probably take no more than a week to get here.  I’ll get the diamond you want in there and you’ll be all set.  I think my words to him were “Uh huh, Uh huh, yeah….uh huh”.  It was it.  The one.  It didn’t matter how long it was going to take or if the setting only used blood diamonds.

Luckily, it didn’t require blood diamonds.  But as we were filling out all the information, he asked me what the ring size was.  That’s like asking a guy what his girl’s ring size is.  I needed a plan.  Simple: I asked if she wanted to go to the mall.  I took one of her rings I knew she wears a lot.  We are in the mall and she goes into Coach while I go to the restroom via Helzberg.  They sized the ring and I’m back at Coach with an empty bladder.  Bam.

I had the ring for almost 3 1/2 weeks before presenting it to her.  You could have asked me to hold a ball of fire in my pocket and I bet it would have had the same effect on me.


12 thoughts on “The Ring

  1. Oh my god, I loved Jen’s comment. Anyway, very smooth there, Rico Suave. I have man hands which is probably the reason I’m single and not because I’m antisocial and don’t date. That’s irrelevant.

    And even though I’m not a jewelry person, you could have thrown us a bone here with a picture (as long as it’s NOT the anal ring Jen mentioned.)

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