The First Time With The Three Words

So long story short, I knew this was it.

I knew that I had found her.  The exact moment that I knew was the first time I said that I loved her.  I am not one to use those three words carelessly.  Main reason being that if you don’t really mean them, you can’t get them back.  They are out there, floating and causing pain and confusion.  No thank you.  Any time I have used them in the past, I meant them.  This time it was different.  This time, I knew those three words finally would last a lifetime.

It was Christmas time and we had both decided that we would only spend 20 bucks on each other.  A couple of reasons why:  We wanted to save money for other stuff to do together.  We thought it would be fun to see what we can come up with for just 20 bucks.  You can’t really buy anything special for 20 bucks that isn’t a gag gift or completely lame.  Which in hindsight would have gone over with flying colors.  I however had a different idea.

Cue the shmoozy move.

I decide to paint her something.

Remember the first date story?  A night filled with fatty foods and the smell of manure?  I noticed one of the things that she really liked and thought was cute were the mini pig races.  Those pot-bellied pigs stole the night.  She wanted one.  Like right then.   She had to wait a couple of months but on Christmas day, she got her pig.  Kind of.



This went over quite well.  Something about the thought and the remembering and shmoozy shmoozy rainbow sprinkles.  I’m not good at all this part.  She liked it okay?  A lot.

It was now my turn to see what she did with 20 bucks for me.  When I saw the size of the present, I knew what it was.  I also knew it wasn’t under 20 bucks.  She assured me that it wasn’t as much as it seemed so I just took her word for it and started taking off the paper.



I’m not sure why because in all actuality, I had only had Lyla for just over 4 months…but this was emotional for me.  When I saw it, it made me realize just how much I loved that dog and floored me that she knew it.  I was really amazed at how she got Lyla to stop licking and pose like that.

And in that moment, with our pig and pup, I knew I loved her.  And I told her with all the honesty I had in my heart because I knew this was the last time to tell a girl that I loved her like that. 

I’ll never forget it. 



11 thoughts on “The First Time With The Three Words

  1. You’re my kind of guy, Jerrod. Well, you would be my kind of guy, if I didn’t have a penchant for the ladies, but you get my drift.

  2. Why did you ever stop writing for all that time?

    Those are my favorite kind of gifts, my family tells me I am the queen of those tear jerker gifts that make people feel special. What they don’t know if I’d simply rather keep the money for my toys… Just don’t tell them ok?

    p.s. LOVE the dog AND the pig. Now you need to write a story about a dog who fell in love with a pig. (In a good way)

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