The First Holiday

The first major family holiday for us as a couple would be Thanksgiving.  For the most part we had previously met the majority of each family, but this was an official holiday complete with grandmothers and turkey and dressing.  It’s my favorite holiday so of course this was a big deal.  I’m not sure I can overcome dating a girl who is the cause for a bad thanksgiving meal.  We have yeast rolls.  Those in itself are like dessert.  Now I think you can see the importance.

I had met her mom, brother, sister-in-law and two nephews before at the zoo.  Well, we didn’t go see them in the zoo…we met them there…to see the zoo. 

This has derailed quickly.  Pull the brakes…

So I met her family at the zoo.  At Thanksgiving, I got to meet the grandmother.  I was sitting in the living room on the couch when the grandmother arrived.  After girl…you know what?  Her name is Courtney.  I always hate when I read blogs and people are given generic names to protect their anonymity.  It’s a blog.  Unless you are wanted by the US Government, share real names.  It provides a more authentic read for everyone.  I guess fake names are okay, just don’t mention that they are fake.  It’s not that serious.  So…Courtney introduces me to her grandmother.  After shaking her hand she starts to tear up.  She mentions that she has been praying for this for a long time.  

Courtney and I had been dating for two months.

After a brief introduction, Courtney with her mom and grandmother are off to the kitchen to finish making the dinner while we wait for her brother’s family to arrive.  I did what I do best and returned to the couch.  All of the sudden Courtney realizes that there’s only two bodies in the kitchen.  She peaks around the corner to discover her grandmother has made herself comfortable on the couch, right next to me.  To say that Courtney was nervous was a pretty big understatement. 

Long story short, the conversation was pretty much a reminder of what she had shared with me when we met a few minutes earlier.  She was excited to meet me and that she had been praying for this.  Then she went more into detail about it.  She had been praying that Courtney would find the one and she believed I was that one.

Two months.

Next thing I know, Courtney’s mom is calling her mom into the kitchen for some “help”.  Courtney comes over to find out what she had shared.  And I shared it all.  Courtney’s face was just the perfect shade of white if that’s possible.  Then came the apologies for what had just happened.  It was fine.  For some reason, I was smiling.  I was fine.

For some reason, grandmother knew a lot more than the two of us did only two months in.


3 thoughts on “The First Holiday

  1. I was going to say the same thing, that grandmas always know, but now I just sound like a copycat.

    And Anonymous Husband is anonymous because he thinks the internet is going to steal his identity or he’ll be hunted down by psychotic ex-girlfriends or something. That second one is a valid concern.

  2. I love how you blend tips to bloggers with a very intimate personal story.

    Like Jen, my guy does not want his name anywhere on the internet so I respect that. I play around with how I call him, right now he’s the Captain.

    I wish the Captain had a grandma who could have confirmed how he was the one, but he had an old friend, a father figure friend, who immediately told me something very similar to Courtney’s grandmother. And that made me feel really good all over.

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