My Turn

There have been some pretty awesome posts out there lately dealing with this idea of being honest with yourself.  Bloggers that are seeing things for what they really are and acknowledging the truth.  It’s quite a concept for someone that has a history of keeping things all nice and padded. 

There is something on my mind that I have held in for a few weeks now.   I’m not sure if some of my friends who have written amazing and honest posts have finally given me the ability to write like this or if it has just come to a point where I can’t put another band-aid on it again.

Some who know me will remember me as a co-founder of a couple of sites.  One being a collaborative news site called Sprocket Ink.  The other one a blogging community for those over 30 called Studio30 Plus.  Both sites were a great source of pride for me.  To see both grow from nothing was an accomplishment.  With Sprocket, we saw astronomical numbers with hits for a brand new site in the first year.  With Studio30, the idea of starting out with 2 members to over 1,100 was simply amazing.

Then I hit that wall.  My blogging was suffering, my time wasn’t being spent enough on real life.  Something had to give and it had to be the two things that I worked hard in building from scratch.  Sprocket Ink and Studio30 Plus.

It was tough saying goodbye to Sprocket.  I remember this weird feeling the day I left.  I knew it was the right decision for myself in this time of my life, but it was still difficult to really walk away.  I continue to read Sprocket and I will always look back on it as a success.  A lot of good memories that first year with some pretty amazing writers.

Studio30 Plus has been a bit different.  This is how Jules and I first joined forces.  She tweeted that there should be site for people like us (old, I think) and I replied with something like, “Well what were you thinking?”  Snowball after snowball, it grew to over 1,100 members in two years.  Beyond both of our comprehension I think.

After leaving Sprocket, I wanted to hold onto Studio30 longer simply because it was the first project.  I didn’t want to leave, but I knew I had to.  After finally telling Jules that I needed to leave, she kept up with it for a while.  Then she brought on another blogger to run it.

And with keeping up with all this honesty, this is where I have the issue.

From the moment I found out that the site was put into new hands, I knew it would be a short matter of time before it wouldn’t be Studio30 Plus anymore.  I knew the changing of platforms would come.  I knew the focus of being this cool group of bloggers would turn into this massive social marketing extravaganza.  Bloggers couldn’t just be bloggers.  I knew it was going to be almost the complete opposite of what Jules and I envisioned it to be from the beginning.

There was however one thing that I didn’t know.

I didn’t know that the act of receiving a community site of over 1,100 members strong would give the new leader the green light to dismiss the founders completely.  I understand the changing of platforms, but what I don’t understand is how changing the URL ever so slightly means the site is now an original.  It doesn’t take away the fact that this was an already established community. 

As an original founder, I will agree that moving it to another spot and slightly changing the URL  was within the new community leader’s right… if the leader would also agree that the lack of acknowledgement for the people who built it is just really crappy.

And I totally understand that I walked away when I absolutely had to.  I totally own up to it and maybe I don’t deserve to still be acknowledge as a founder. I think I do but I’m okay with letting it go.  But I know Jules deserves it.  I know she took up the slack when I stepped down.

I’m sure this will fall on deaf ears due to the fact that I have been gone from blogging for a while and lost 90% of my readers. And I’m sure it does portray me as someone that’s just jealous.  That’s not the case at all, but I get it.  This post is an attempt of taking something I found a disservice with and try to put it out in the open. 

I’m slowly becoming a believer that band-aids and layering to not offend are so overrated.



11 thoughts on “My Turn

  1. I wish I had the right words…(Continuing with the wrong words anyway for some reason.)

    You don’t sound jealous. You sound hurt and disappointed. Like you’re talking through a fat lip and a split chin. I’ve been there. It sucks. So sorry that this is part of your story of the moment.

    • Thanks Melanie. I think you nailed it. I was scared that the post would come across as a “woe is me” kind of thing. That’snot the case at all and I hope readers will see for what it is. I know there are hurt feelings on our parts. Thanks for commenting, friend.

  2. You know my thoughts, but they can best be summed up with: “I knew the focus of being this cool group of bloggers would turn into this massive social marketing extravaganza.”

    I’ll give it a little bit more time as I crave the community, but it’s possible I crave the community that’s no longer there and need to simply stay connected to those who feel the same way. I’m glad you were able to let this all out.

  3. Thank you. I loved working with you and building what we did. We both worked hard and deserve recognition! And I miss the heck out of you!

    • It was great fun. In all honesty, she knew what she was doing before she officially switched it over. It says more about her character than anything.

      Let everyone on Twitter and Facebook get fed up with all their marketing. We know all about it. It’s a matter of time.

      This isn’t Studio30 Plus. And it’s really a shame.

  4. I was confused when I went to my blog and saw the Photobucket “this image has been deleted” message where the Studio30Plus logo had been. I assumed the logo had been updated and went to the site to get the new code. Except the site wasn’t there anymore. I was highly confused. Now that I have some insight into why, I’m highly unimpressed. Nothing like taking someone’s baby girl and “rebranding” it as a little boy. (Yeah, sorry my metaphors suck this morning – haven’t been up long.)

  5. Yeah. I had that lump in my throat the second I saw neither you nor Jules were recognized as creators. My first thoughts were that the 2 of you humbly told them you didn’t need it. I thought it would have been, I don’t know, your type to back away from any kind of credit.
    Then I read what Jules wrote on MichonMichon, and I realized it wasn’t the case.

    OK, so it’s a new site. But the community – that’s your baby. I’m sure it stings. It has too. And yes, it’s a whole new thing, a new avenue, and I won’t lie, there are some good stuff among the new. And like Abby said – I crave the community. It’s all I have, heck I live on a boat in friggin’ Mexico and my Spanish is iffy at best! So this community (even if superficial) es muy importante para mi for now.

    Yet, I’ve been there. Created stuff from the idea to where it develops and then hand it to others and *poof* it’s like if I was never part of it.

    The hurt doesn’t really fully go away. It just slowly lessens with time. Just know that you and Jules will forever be able to claim “I did that. All that!”

  6. One of the early dates Boyfriend and I went on was to the local county fair. You’re right, it’s a great way to stay distracted. And you’re not even self-conscious enough to care about the butter glistening on your cheeks from the grilled corn you’ve been eating.

    Our date included Boyfriend’s 4 yr old daughter, who didn’t know we were dating. So it was especially funny trying to sneak a hand holding in here-and-there without getting busted by the toddler police.

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