If My Identity Is Stolen, There’s A Dog To Blame

Have you ever had your wallet stolen?  Have you ever had your wallet stolen at PetSmart?

The crime doesn’t begin until the afternoon but that morning the dogs were brought to PetSmart to be groomed and cleaned.  8:30 am on a Saturday.  It’s a crazy time to be up on a Saturday and even worse being up on a Saturday is trying to get two dogs to an appointment they have no intention of wanting to keep.  That being said, it was pretty painless.  They did really well and after they were carried off behind the big swinging door, we left thankful for a few hours of peace and quiet.

Here is where the fun starts.  We picked them up and as they are running toward the counter to jump or maul us, the 7-year-old lab seems to tweak one of her front paws.  After settling them down, she would not put any weight on that paw whatsoever.  This made Girl worried.  Luckily there is the vet inside PetSmart.  They take her in to find out what might be causing the paw issue.   I’m waiting outside with my lab puppy and all she wants to do is find out where the other one went off to and how she can get to her.  They have become inseparable in the last 6 months. 

After 15 minutes or so, Girl peeks her head out and tells me to go ahead and pay and get my dog in the car since she was getting restless and whiny. 

I grab my keys and my wallet.

I’m at the register paying for the baths and I’m holding onto a leash.  I’m swiping my debit card and putting it back in the wallet and set the wallet on the counter.  I’m making sure she isn’t tangled with the leash and I’m handed the receipt.  I’m walking outside and I squeeze my hand and all I felt was receipt paper.  No wallet.  I put the dog in the car and walk back into PetSmart expecting to see it either on the ground, on the counter or tucked away by the cashier.

Nope.  No.  Not a chance.

me – Did you see my wallet I just left here?

cashier – (Glances around)  Nope, don’t see it.

I was gone for maybe 2 minutes and that’s being pretty liberal with the timeframe.

There was  only a mother and two young children behind me and I could see one of the kids picking it up.  I can see the cashier picking it up, she had shady eyes.

You would think that I would have had pockets of some sort but that really is beside the point.  You would also think that a guy my age would know not to carry his social security card in his wallet.  All I’m saying is that my identity has been compromised due to a paw. 

And probably not having pockets.


6 thoughts on “If My Identity Is Stolen, There’s A Dog To Blame

  1. I’ve never had my wallet stolen, but I HAVE had my Visa number stolen by someone in Sweden who bought an impressive amount of furniture from Amazon.

  2. I bet it was the cashier. People who work in pet stores are always shady – that’s why they work with animals, because animals can’t call them out when they’re partaking in said shady behaviour.

    • My whole detective work has put it on the cashier. She needed to be denied at stores trying to purchase stuff more than the next person, I suppose.

  3. If its any consolation, my flip-flops were stolen from my dinghy on the beach the other night. I paid a whopping $4 on those flip-flops! I’m still stinging… o_0

    2 minutes????? Holy crap! I woulda blown a fuse. Maybe. At least in my head I would have yelled at everybody then spent many hours lying in bed for what I SHOULD have said. And now some Juan is pretending to be Jerrod cashing in on your social benefits. Oh the pain!

    p.s. have I mentioned I loved those flip-flops?

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